Thursday, February 17, 2011


I am so happy to join the world of bloggers!  I am in awesome company. My cousin, Rod Brooks, who was like a brother to me growing up, has a blog. He is also the CMO of PEMCO Insurance.   My Goddaughter and niece, Tonya Marie Wagner, also has a blog. She manages a coffee shop in Seattle (Victorola)  which employs baristas who are rock stars, literally, and she is quite good.  My nephew Asher Sund, who won the Joyce Carol Oates award for poetry, has been harranguing me for quite some time saying I SHOULD  have a blog. My other nephew, Scott Sund, is in training for the ministry, and  has a blog that I've been enjoying on Facebook about the majesty and wonder of God.

The thing is: I love technology, but in some ways I'm like a kindergardener. Now, I know it's "a good thing" to be in touch with our inner child, right? But can somebody please explain to me the existence of the King Editor who takes over any time one TEXTS on an iPhone, and naughtily replaces our thoughts with his own?
For instance:  My sister and her husband, both wonderful psychologists, went out on Valentine's night this week. Sally texted me a picture of them, out at a restaurant, dressed up and looking like a million bucks. BUT, the caption read, "Having DUB."   Apparently what King Editor thought Sally was TRYING to say when she texted, "Having Fun". 

WAIT.  It gets worse.  My younger Goddaughter, Emma, just turned 21 in December.  She met me at a hotel in Anchorage last month, where I stayed while attending a board meeting.   I texted her that she, her boyfriend, her mom Lisa and I should meet for dinner at 7 p.m.  Emma texted me back,  "Booooooooze!!!!" I texted HER back and said, WHAT? Keep in mind it WAS the first time in our life that we could have ordered a drink in a restaurant together, but, still!  She said,  "I texted  SWEEEEEEEET!!!" So King Editor gave us the opportunity to discuss The Freudian Slip, with much hilarity, over dinner.

King Editor's worst Control Freak Issue, to date:  My cousin Kay in Lake Stevens gave us a gift certificate to a really fun nail place in Lake Stevens, WA.  Last weekend I texted Kay, "Mom and I are going to have
mani/pedi's, on you, want to come?"  But The Editor changed it to: "Mom and I are going to have mani/PENIS,want to come?"  Honestly, let me make my own mistakes, please!